Leopaard vehicle networking

The Leopaard Vehicle Networking System is a smart travel product launched by Leopaard Motors.
Through the in-vehicle infotainment system, the user is provided with emergency rescue, navigation service, voice control, real-time traffic, weather forecast, limit reminder, illegal inquiry and other related services.
Through the APP, remote control of vehicles, vehicle status inquiry, remote diagnosis, after-sales maintenance reservations and all kinds of operation services related to Internet vehicles can be realized.

Intelligent voice system

The Intelligent voice system provides more professional information inquiry, faster and intelligent voice interaction and dialogue, professional travel assistant, road rescue, emergency rescue, remote vehicle status etc. to user. It can give you more secure and timely assistances like information query, navigation target Setting up and trailers contact.

Intelligent voice control
I-call function
E-call function
Remote control system

No matter where you are, as long as your mobile phone is equipped with the Leopaard Motor i-Netlink system mobile app, you can easily control your car through the mobile remotely, master the vehicle's position, check the vehicle’s status, and learn the vehicle’s latest information in real time. Based on the one-click remote control, the functions including locking, unlocking, starting the vehicle, vehicle condition inquiry, remote diagnosis, vehicle positioning, temperature control and remote acquisition of tire pressure, voltage, vehicle condition, mileage, whistle flashing and car search are easily realized.

Vehicle remote control
Remote vehicle condition inquiry
Emergency rescue system

Even if you are injured and can't ask for help, you can get help in time. When a serious collision happened on your vehicle, it will automatically send a distress signal to the call center. The customer service consultant will respond immediately to the local public first aid provider, who will contact the ambulances, fire engines, police cars or other emergency services vehicles and personnel to arrive at the scene.
When you press the SOS emergency button, the service center staff will give priority to your call and confirm your vehicle position. Then, professional service consultant will contact the local emergency rescue agency to quickly go to the spots.

Collision automatic help
Emergency assistance
Medical assistance
Security system

Leopaard Motor networking system not only provide online inspection service for a safer travel but also provide warning function. If the vehicle is forced to open abnormally when the owner turns off the vehicle and leaves, warning massage will be sent to the owner in time by the mobile APP. If the vehicle is stolen, please call us after receiving the warning massage. We will send a remote lock command to the stolen vehicle after we checks the warning information with the police. When the order is effective, the stolen vehicle cannot be started again once it is turned off until the command is released. It can protect the safety of the owner and the owner’s vehicle in all aspects.

Vehicle status online inspection
Stop location indication
Vehicle alarm indication
Tire pressure alarm information
Stolen vehicle lock
Remote emergency door opening
Stolen vehicle restrictions
Online navigation system

Online intelligent voice navigation provides you with a variety of intelligent navigation modes, including one-button connects Manual background navigation, vehicle-based intelligent voice navigation and one-click delivery from mobile to vehicle navigation when people and vehicles are separated. The system will automatically analyze and judge each junction you have passed in driving and give a voice indication when approaching to the next junction.
Meanwhile, as the real-time dynamic traffic information is be taken an important reference and limitation for planning navigation path, the most optimal path selection and better user-friendly navigation services can be provided.

One-click navigation
Voice navigation for full route
Real-time traffic information
Traffic restriction reminder
Information inquiry system

Leopaard Motor networking system supports inquiry of whether forecast information within the whole country, nearby 4s station information and traffic violation information of most cities. What’s more, it can remind the owner if driving overspeed. Like your intimated housekeeper who really learns the user's needs, it provides all kinds of information including weather forecast anytime, anywhere, nearby 4S station inquiry and appointment, traffic violation information inquiry, etc.

Weather forecast
Violation information inquiry
4S station inquiry and reservation